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Ambika Chanrai

Challenge your limits

Great things don't come from Comfort Zones



Ambika is a STOTT Certified Pilates Instructor, Barre Instructor and Dance Trainer. As a Professional Dancer in New York training with Companies like Martha Graham and Complexions; Ambika has much experience working with Dancers and Movement specialists. Her experience working as a Barre Instructor, Pilates Instructor and Private Fitness Coach has opened up the clientele for her and has a special interest in Sports enthusiasts looking to better their mobility, strength and agility for their given field. 

Our Classes

This is more than just Exercise. 


This is a lifestyle. 


It's 6am and your alarm is buzzing; you have a class booked at 6.30am but your struggling to get out of bed. But what if your #FitFam was counting on you to show up, what if today was the day you were going to hit your PB? Would that change your mind? 

There is something to be said about working out in a group; as human beings me thrive on competition. Competition can be a great motivation if we use it to our advantage; it can motivate us, inspire us and push us to new places we didn't know we could be.


 Ambika's group classes are a safe space for you to utilize the power of competitive performance to build a community that will challenge you and inspire you. Every single person in the room is rooting for you; we will believe in you as long as you promise to believe in yourself! 


What you will receive in working with me: 

  • Carefully thought out programming that can be individually modified for every client 

  • Accountability to keep you on track 

  • Individual attention and care (In Group Class Settings) 

  • Undivided attention 

  • Access to at-home exercise catered for you every need 

  • Positive reinforcement throughout 

What you will not get: 

  • A generic lesson plan with no room for growth 

  • Complacency- I believe my clients can achieve anything they  want if they put in the work, so I have a tough-love approach to help them reach their goals

  • Any medical or nutritional advice (I will help refer however I am not certified to give any medical advice) 

  • A negative attitude 


This is your journey to a better you and I will  provide you with whatever skills, tactics and tools you need to get you where you want to be. 

Individual sessions can be specially catered towards Dancers, Fitness Enthusiast, Runners and all other athletes working towards specific goals. 


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